The Wylie family wished for a guest quarters for their Lake Erie home. An existing garage was demolished and a new garage with an upstairs living quarters was developed. 3D sketches were very helpful in allowing the Wylies envision what tableside discussions determined. Exterior finishes complement the existing home. The garage ceiling height was increased to allow overhead storage of sea kayaks, and an additional overhead door was installed on the lakefront side to permit easy access to the sea kayaks. Upstairs, the space was arranged in the manner of an efficiency apartment, and the addition of a hot-rock sauna. Lake views were preserved via a bank of floor to ceiling windows.

Wylie Autocad 4 A2 (1) filing CD.pdf
Wylie Autocad 4 A1 (1) filing CD.pdf

New Structure vs Preliminary design sketch

Video Flyover Wylie Sketchup.avi

Preliminary design fly-over video